Strategic Ways to Market Your Business

Strategic Ways to Market Your Business

Let’s start with marketing your business through ‘media releases’. Now, I know what you’re thinking that the media costs thousands and thousands of dollars, right? Well, it’s not that way any longer. Let me tell you about it so you can start using this method of promoting your business.

It’s like this, if there is a story written about you and your business, the products and services that you offer, believe me you are going to start accumulating tons of new customers. This brings about instant credibility when using the media. When looking for services that will assist you at a discount, we found this site, to be very helpful…

For some reason, we all feel that when a company, business or person is in the media, then it is far more believable. This is a way to have instant credibility with people. A media release, can also be called a press or news release, will definitely provide details that are very informative about your business. However, always leave out enough information as to entice others to call on your business.

Here’s is what your media release needs to feature:

A Headline
By far, this is seriously 90% of your business release. The headline absolutely does most of the attracting for your business, so this part is vital.

A short but detailed media release summary needs to be the first part of the release.

By insert business quotes from other people and including the person’s credentials are imperative.

Need a Call to Action
For anyone that reads your business media release needs easy and simple directions to follow the ‘call to action’. For instance, do you want them to call you, or stop by your business or what do you want them to do? This is important, be sure to provide your contact details.

Believe it or not millions of people still read print advertising. So, the next way to market your business is to put it in print. The major catch in print advertising is to get to the point fast. All headlines need to motivate the readers to keep on reading and learn more on your product, cost and the offer. To have an effective headline, one needs to address a pressing customers need and/or desire. Here’s the reality of people, they care more about themselves, and what can YOU do for them. Not your business.

It’s statistically proven that you as a business owner will get a higher response rate when you have your headline answer the question quickly for the readers, “What’s in it for me?” So, when they see what you do is best for ‘them’, that’s what will catch their eyes.

What you want to put in the body of your copy, is to offer an irresistible incentive for the reader. Make that reader want to call you or come to your business.

You need to know that newspaper ads are still very effective for all businesses. This is a local strategy for your products and services. Newspapers are able to target customers via their desires and interests, like what lifestyle or sports or any type of targeting. One can reach a huge number of prospects interested in your business. As far as cost for placing an advertisement will depend on a few factors. The size of the ad placed would be more expensive the bigger your ad is, and where you want the ad placed within the newspaper and how long you want to run it and other factors as well.

There you have it!


MLMS – Are You Done – SEO Long Beach

MLMS – Are You Done – SEO Long Beach

So, are done trying to make money with those stupid mlms? If you now own your own business and need customers by getting on the first page of Google, then you need the expertise of SEO Long Beach.

MLMS are not sustainable, they get shut-down, they get their assets seized, they just do not work for the long haul any longer. Get out of them and own a real online business today.

Yep, they say they will let you in on what they are doing to make passive monthly income of over $10k. They actually left the MLM world in which she was making a 6-figure income from Empower Network. Yep, they were one of the 2% that actually made a great living BUT she knew it wasn’t sustainable and didn’t like that she had to keep bringing in people and they weren’t successful.

Take a serious look at any MLM you have been in, did you make any reasonable amount of money? Are you looking to get into your first MLM and thinking you are going to make enough money to change your life?

Think again and I’m saying this because here is a gal that has been in MLMs for years and made 6-figures telling you to not go there. Are you an expert in network marketing? If so, then maybe and only maybe will you make a decent income.

Now, you have the answer to your question, should you get into an MLM.


That’s it. Stay away from them and get into a real business. Then go to so they can get your phones ringing with new customers!

Frank the Blogger

LA SEO – Job Killing Coaching Program

LA SEO – Job Killing Coaching Program

If you are not a fan of multi-level-marketing companies any longer, have I got the most sustainable online business for you that has helped one of our local companies at LA SEO. The Job Killing Coaching Program is real, honest, sustainable, over 50% success rate, passive monthly income, and it’s the talk of the internet world in 2015 and LA SEO has helped them gain their notoriety.

Talk of the internet is exactly what’s happening with Job Killing. Incredible and first of its kind for replacing those horrible MLMS that only 1 to 2% succeed. Tired of chasing every human being that you can talk to just to sell them on getting in this MLM with you? Desperate enough to talk to strangers in stores? You were all hyped-up in the beginning and then reality set in, this only works for the experienced network marketers who have hundreds of connections! Period.

Here’s the company, LA SEO,  which helped them get many new customers:

So, check out Job Killing, which is not another MLM. In fact, it is a real online business whereas the FTC can not come in and seize all assets or shut you down. This is a real online business that you own, don’t have to share any commissions cuz it’s all your money that you will be earning.

This is an online business that will take you from zero to thousands of dollars every month! So many success stories inside and this is a real business that you will be dealing with small business owners that will actually chase you down, instead of you chasing people everywhere you go.

So, you have the information you need, just click on the above link, go there, get in touch with them and you can then start your new life of owning your very own online business, such as LA SEO did.

You won’t be disappointed, in fact, you’ll probably come back here and thank me!

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When I Was A Fan Of MLM’s

When I Was A Fan Of MLM’s


Let me start with the day I became an actually fan of MLMS. It was about 6 years ago when I was working behind a desk, hating the mundane work of an admin. The money was horrible, the hours were even worse and to top it off, the location was over an hour away from my home.


One day during lunch, one of my co-workers came over to me and we started talking. She brought up how she was making extra money on the side. Of course, I was intrigued and ask more questions. Well, that was her cue and she sat down and we talked for the entirety of our lunch hour.

She proceeded to tell me she was in Vemma. She told me about their energy drinks and all the other products they had to sell. Once you use the products, you can then sell them and get others to sell them also. That’s exactly how she was making an extra $2000 every month.

I thought to myself how hard could it be to sell some energy drinks, for this was the big thing back in the day. So, excitedly I paid a little over a hundred dollars and got in!

Then the recruiting aspect of this started. Boy, did they push and push for you to get every family member, every friend, and every person you have ever known in your entire life. I thought okay I can do this. Afterall, my family would buy from me any day right…

Anyhoo, long story short, joined Vemma, made some money but nothing to quit my job over. Then got into a few more MLMs, some I made a ton of money with and some I lost money. Now, the latest news I hear is that Vemma was shut down this month!


You just never know. I guess this is one of my biggest points to make ont his blog. So, be sure and come back and check out all my posts.

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